How to Find a Good Online Business Or Home Based Business

50% of inquiries on Google, Yahoo and MSM are about Online Business Systems, Home Based Business. 75% of Americans surveyed plan to open their own business in the next 3 years with most of them starting some kind of online business systems.The main reason people will start a Home Based Business instead of a regular business is simple, the cost. To open let’s say a restaurant, just a sandwich shop for instance so we can eliminate the cost of expensive equipment you would need a minimum of $70,000′s. You have to think rent ($5,000 to $10,000 a month), Dining room tables and chairs ($5,000 to $50,000), Freezer and Cooler ($50,000 minimum), Kitchen equipment ($20,000), food ($7,000 to $15,000) and all intangibles like deposits requirements, permits etc. etc. So you can see you need a lot of capital to get started and that is not to mention that you would probably want to buy a franchise name because most mom and pop place close their door within the 1st six months so that would add another $40,000 to 1 million to your cost and from then you would be paying royalties to your franchiser.So you can see why most people will go with some sort of online business system or home based business. The cost is a lot less to start and you can run it from home with having to worry about all the above. All you have to do is promote your business and if you have a tight budget or no budget, you can still promote your business and be successful.What should you look for in a Home Based Business? What would make one company better than the other? To know this you have to know who you are. Knowing that will help you decide which company fits your need better. Next look at what the company stands for. Are you being sold on the company or what the company could do for you? If you are being sold on the company, RUN AWAY. That would be comparable to a company you work for that does not appreciate its employees.First, you have to decide what type of company you want to be involved with. There are many options like MLM, Direct Sales, and Affiliate Marketing etc. What are you comfortable with? Once you have narrowed it down to a few companies, start digging a little deeper. Before you purchase an online business system, ask them the pertinent questions like what kind of support are you going to get once you join? Do they have sales support system as well because let’s face it, not many people are good sales people and you will need time to get better and therefore you will need help. Some companies have that support but many don’t. And lastly, what is the company selling? Is it a product that is on demand or is it past its time?Do they have a lot of products to sell or a few? Companies with a lot of products means that will need to make many sales to make money and companies with only a few you will need to make only a few sales. Before you invest in your online business, make sure they have a money back guarantee, because you are not finish with your research but the rest of your research will be completed after you make your purchase. What you will want to do is verify these items are not only there but are very good.First, look at their training. Is it easy to follow and detailed. Second, marketing is extremely important for your home based business. If you are like me you don’t know anything about what is effective marketing vs. what is not. And last, revisit the support cast to make sure it is there as promised.The last piece and certainly very important part of your decision is the compensation plan. Some companies will offer you 25%, 50% and 75% commission on all products you sell but think about how many products you will have to sell if your product prices are at $5, $10 or $20 to make a six figure income a year. Now some companies will offer $200, $1,000 and even $7,000 commission on any products you sell. So you must decide where you fit better.As I said earlier, 75% of people will be starting their own business in the next 3 years but what most companies won’t tell you is that only 3% of those people will succeed. One of the main reason they will fail is they will not do a diligent research. The difference between doing your research and not doing it could decide if you are part of the 3% who will succeed or the 97% who will fail. If you are serious about starting your online business and would like to learn how, visit This company is looking for serious entrepreneurs who are serious about making real money. People should be committed, persistent and understanding that a good business is not built over night. If you are looking for a get rich quick program, this company is not for you.

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